Top Vancouver Life Coaches

About U Coaching
I invite you to keep reading and learn more about what Coaching is all about and the benefits of hiring me as your Life Coach.
Location : Vancouver, WA
Phone : 360-977-6323

Patty Kellogg Counseling
Patty Kellogg Counseling provides healing and solutions for stronger, more satisfying relationships. Patty, a published writer and speaker, remains focused on the care and well-being of her clients.
Location : Vancouver, WA
Phone : 360-892-6654

One Man Can See You Succeed
My name is Lee Down. Iím a professionally trained Life Coach, I have extensive background within the information technology and web industry areas, as well as having a variety of other life, career, and art influences.
Location : Vancouver, WA
Phone : 778-862-1626

Make Your Great Life
Sometimes it takes a life-long learner, trainer, coach, and confirmed optimist to give you a boost. My talents have helped individuals, small businesses, universities, and corporations to step up their game and accomplish their intentions.
Location : Vancouver, WA
Phone : 360.699.9284

Expanding Potentials
Whether you are looking for a new job, new relationship, or simply ready to make a change in your life, here you'll find the tools and support to make the shift happen and really move your life forward.
Location : Vancouver, WA
Phone : 503-351-8021