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Positive Mindsets Life and Business Coaching
While Iíve enjoyed a successful business career and fulfilling family life Iíve also had more than my share of adversity. Situations that severely tested my ability to cope. Personal financial crises, death of a loved one and loss of a job are just a few. I learned to prosper from adversity and it's one of the reasons I became a Certified Life and Business Coach (CCF). If you want to learn how to handle difficult changes in your life and make them work for you let's talk.
Location : Erin, ON
Phone : (519) 833-5032

Michael Palmer
Effective life coaching is more than goals and obstacles. It takes into account the whole person and his or her life context which shapes the individual road to achievement. I am a personal and professional coach, based in Toronto, Ontario, and have been involved in the human potential movement for the past 22 years. I am trained in Solution Focused Coaching from Erickson College and am a member of the International Coach Federation, the leading global organization dedicated to advancing the coaching profession by setting high standards, providing independent certification, and building a worldwide network of credentialed coaches. ICF has more than 11,000 members in 80 countries.
Location : Toronto, ON
Phone : (416) 937-9582

Percy Emtage & Associates
We help individuals maximize their potential – both personally and professionally, through Life Coaching and personal Leadership Development training. At Percy Emtage & Associates we specialize in Personal Coaching and Business Coaching for small and mid-size companies, and professional individuals, in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) -- providing guaranteed results. We work with all levels of Management to ensure 100% focus on the strategic goals of the company, using these goals to ensure higher levels of effective productivity, and therefore greater profits to the company. We also coach managers in the skills they need to be better managers of people, time and operations.
Location : Toronto, ON
Phone : (647) 294-3765

Dr. Lise Janelle
Dr. Lise Janelle is The Vibrant Life Coach. Her coaching and seminars attract an international clientele which includes: entrepreneurs, executives, artists, celebrities and athletes. She is a speaker, spokesperson and is frequently featured to give expert advice in the Media.
Location : Toronto, ON
Phone : (416) 405-9478

Personal Development Coaching
Given the desire and proper resources, every individual has the ability to achieve their goals and create positive and lasting change in their life. Mission statement: To provide a confidential, understanding, and caring environment that individuals can use to further their personal goals.
Location : Toronto, ON
Phone : (416) 951-1288

New Empowering Ways
Christina is a certified personal life coach trained at the Institute for Life Coach Training and wants to help you live the life that you want to live - the life you choose to live - the life you long for. My areas of specialty are: * Personal Life Coaching * Relationship Coaching * Couple Coaching * Other Committed Relationships
Location : Toronto, ON
Phone : (416) 924-6087

Easy Counselling
We believe that everyone can benefit from professional counselling at some point in their life. Our mission is to make counselling and life-coaching a convenient, comfortable, and affordable experience. All counsellors and life coaches are fully qualified practitioners and are registered with their respective professional regulatory body.
Location : Toronto, ON
Phone : (416) 455-9633

Relationship Excellence Coaching
At Relationship Excellence Coaching we are committed to being of service through coaching women and men who want to develop mastery in their lives.
Location : Toronto, ON
Phone : (416) 694-0015

Barbara Symmons M.Ed.
For over 20 years I have practised as a psychotherapist and counselor in Toronto, Canada. Through advanced studies at the Adler Institute, I have added executive and life coaching to my repertoire. My comprehensive education, training and experience combine with a strong spiritual base, intuition, sense of humour, and insight to create meaningful relationships.
Location : Toronto, ON
Phone : (416) 923-5550

Below the Surface Coaching
Coaching individuals and groups who are both infected and affected by HIV / AIDS to the fulfillment of personal and professional goals
Location : Toronto, ON
Phone : (416) 830-4647

Scott McGrath
Scott McGrath is a Therapist, Coach and Consultant working in private practice with individuals, couples, families and groups. He has extensive experience with adolescents, young adults (thirteen to twenty-five years old) and adults facing challenges in all life stages. Scott works with clients from diverse ethnic and religious backgrounds, gay and lesbian clients as well as those questioning their sexual orientation.
Location : Toronto, ON
Phone : (416) 275-8105