Top Tampa Life Coaches

Harriet Raitano, DCH, Ph.D.
Dr. Raitano is a Positive Change Coach who assists clients in achieving a state of congruency. She has been successful in aiding clients achieve personal goals in the work place, at home, and in sports performance. She does so in a non- threatening educational manner, which is the objective of Positive Change coaching.
Location : Tampa, FL
Phone : (813) 417-1348

Family Directions
Our goal is to provide coaching services to individuals, couples and families to assist them in creating the environment they want to be in through cooperation, collaboration and education. Our services include the following: Individual Coaching, Coaching for Parents and Families, and Couples Coaching.
Location : Tampa, FL
Phone : (813) 915-1600

Tampa Bay MatchMakers
Tampa Bay MatchMakers is the only life coaching and traditional matchmaking service that attracts professional singles across the Tampa Bay area! YOUR personal, Certified Coach Ellen is ready to: Move you into effective, focused action, instead of simply wishing for change. Propel you to keep moving forward when life gets in the way. Find your opportunities, instead of your problems. Engage you to design short and long term goals. Build your positive self image and view yourself in new ways. Live your significant, meaningful life that aligns with your life purpose. Support you when change feels overwhelming, providing structures to create balance. Challenge you to discover/gain clarity on what fulfills you. Teach you skills to broaden and deepen new and existing relationships. Allow you freedom to explore your dreams and live with passion.
Location : Tampa, FL
Phone : (813) 907-0410