Top St. Louis Life Coaches

Feather-Light Living Enterprises
Our practitioners will help you take your already wonderful life and enhance it. It is all in you: your wonder, your truth, your love and caring and sharing, your peace of mind and your explosion into this world. Learning where the simple entry points are into your own beautiful soul will help unlock the areas where you might feel "stuck". Areas of positive direction include: Healthy Eating and Exercise, Improving Family Relationships, Relaxed Homeschooling and more. We really hope we can help and you can transcend where you are today. We can encourage you in many other areas due to the extensive, broad skills of our staff. These include: higher education consulting and direction for you and your family, natural healing practices such as raw foods, herbal tinctures, stretching, homeopathic remedies and meditation, the "no-blame", "I words" philosophy to relationships. Note: Feather-Light Living is a practitioner at Center for Mind, Body and Spirit also listed on this website.
Location : St Louis, MO
Phone : (573) 356-1727

Diter Pauwels International
My coaching methods are built upon and draw from the latest personal achievement technologies and personal development trends. My life coaching and business coaching services and programs are designed to empower and support you with the focus, learning, feedback and accountability you want to achieve consistent results in the most important areas of your life. As a result of personal coaching you will be able to create more choices that enrich your life, your career, your health, and your professional and personal relationships.
Location : St Louis, MO
Phone : (314) 646-0133

Blessings Enterprises
Blessings Enterprises provides Energy Work, Grief Work, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Affirmative Life Coaching and many other healing modalities. This work is designed to facilitate the release of grief, old experiences of emotional, physical or existential pain, or long-standing patterns you are ready to change. These types of energy work and coaching are also great for relaxation, work-life balance, stress reduction and overall health and wellness.
Location : St Louis, MO
Phone : (314) 646-1923

The Center for Mind, Body & Spirit
At The Center for Mind, Body & Spirit we offer many methods to effectively support patients and clients as they regain, maintain and expand their health and wellbeing. We are physical, emotional, mental and spiritual beings and our health and healing is dependent on all of these factors. Our purpose is to Be a wellness/healing Center that is on the cutting edge, giving clients/patients/customers emerging and known information that empowers each individual to heal or move forward in their life's journey.
Location : St Louis, MO
Phone : (314) 725-6767

Christine Kniffen, LCSW
Relationship Coaching, counseling, and life coaching.
Location : St Louis, MO
Phone : (314) 374-8396

Rose Jonas, Ph.D.
Rose Jonas, Ph.D., "TV's Job Doctor." feels estimably qualified to be a career and life coach because she's been practically everything: legal secretary, dental assistant, actress, grill cook, theatrical publicist, public relations director. Her passion, however, is people and their careers. She works with company presidents, executives and professionals; developing career strategies, resolving career or people problems, easing them out of hot water from time to time, coaching them to their next steps.
Location : St Louis, MO
Phone : (314) 863-1166

Jean Walters
Jean Walters is a Personal Growth Consultant and Life Coach and master on assisting her clients achieve greater expression and long-term success on a personal and professional level. Through coaching, workshops, lectures, books, CDs, and audio recordings, she inspires and guides clients through challenges, helps to remove blocks and achieve success.
Location : St Louis, MO
Phone : (314) 991-8439