Top Shreveport Life Coaches

Phyllis Barrington
One of Phyllis's strengths is her ability to ask clients the appropriate questions to identify their crucial target issues and then help to resolve them using problem-solving skills. Her intuitive nature makes her a natural with this type of work.
Location : Shreveport, LA
Phone : 318-868-6197

Evolution Personal Training
I don't waste your time with floofy do-nothing exercises. And I sure as heck donít spend your session checking myself out in the mirror, telling you about how awesome my weekend was, or any of that other pointless junk.
Location : Shreveport, LA
Phone : 888-706-7473

Everardo Recendiz
I am here to help you change all of that. We will work together to redefine your dreams and vision, and then we will put into place the necessary systems, strategies, and tactics that will allow you to turn your business venture into a thriving, successful one.
Location : Shreveport, LA
Phone : 318-658-6322