Top Saskatoon Life Coaches

Barb Powell
Barb Powell is a renowned Psychic Medium. Services: Psychic readings, past life reading, e-mail consultation, pet readings, psychic parties, business consultations, life coaching, psychic medium training, paranormal investigations, and psychic detective.
Location : Saskatoon, SK
Phone : 306-290-9074

Bridge Counseling
Bridge Counseling connects you and your potential. They offer counseling, coaching (life, couples coaching) and marriage preparation.
Location : Saskatoon, SK
Phone : (306) 222-9741

Inside Out Therapies
Inside Out Therapies offers a Registered Massage Therapy, Personal Growth & Wellness Counselor, Hot Stone Treatments, Hot Stone Treatments, Craniosacral Therapy, Myofascial Release, Pilates, Biofeedback, Life Coaching, BodyTalk, Workshops, Life Questing, Reiki, Infrared Sauna, Acupuncture and yoga.
Location : Saskatoon, SK
Phone : 306-974-1004

Redworks Communications
Redworks Communications offers Communication Consulting, Whole-Life Coaching and Training. Redworks Communications offers services in business communication, personal and workplace coaching (one-on-one, group, and team) and offers training in media relations, communication skills for managers, leadership and customer service.
Location : Saskatoon, SK
Phone : 306-955-3205

Penney Murphy & Associates
Penney Murphy & Associates was born out of this desire and is part of that commitment. Penney Murphy & Associates is not just a company. It is team of talented people dedicated to your success. Our Coaching Services will help you to stay focused & to achieve your goals.
Location : Saskatoon, SK
Phone : 306-242-1010