Top San Diego Life Coaches

Kristina Frederick PA-C, RN, MS
Kristina is a Wellness and Life Coach with specialties in Fitness, Nutrition and Health. She has 26 years professional experience in Medicine and Psychology as well as a strong holistic and spiritual view.
Location : San Diego, CA
Phone : (760) 815-7972

Lorna Christensen, MA, MSW, LCSW
Specialties: Loss or Grief, Trauma and PTSD, Anxiety or Fears, Depression, ADD/ADHD, Divorce, Eating Disorders, Life Coaching, Attachment Issues, Lifespan Integration, Energy Psychology, Relationship Issues. Serving: Adolescents and Adults through Individual Therapy Insurance: PPO's, POS, Aetna, Magellan
Location : San Diego, CA
Phone : (858) 453-8111

Empowerment Quest International
International Sucess Coach, NLP and Hypnosis Trainer Kevin Cole is considered to be a master when it comes to Personal Empowerment. At Empowerment Quest International we're committed to your long term success as an NLP Practitioner Life Coach, and Hypnotherapist so we'll reveal EVERYTHING you need to know about Neuro-Linquistic Programming, Life Coaching, and Hypnosis in a warm, inviting, and fun environment.
Location : San Diego, CA
Phone : (619) 602-3633

HLCs goal is to educate you so that you can begin your continued journey to personal self-mastery, transformation, and optimal health. You will be provided with appropriate coping skills to help you deal with personal life issues, emergencies, and traumas. Our goal is to facilitate your personal growth to wholeness through holistic health & wellness coaching. The ultimate goal is for you to enjoy the freedom of feeling good in you body and find peace within by taking charge of your life while you embody the skills you learn and integrate them into your life.
Location : San Diego, CA
Phone : (619) 291-1986

Get Your Bliss, Martha Beck Certified Coach
We partner with people feeling a void or loss of control in their personal or professional lives. Coaching techniques can help you gain clarity and confront painful or limiting beliefs you may have told yourself your entire life. You can relieve yourself of exhausting cycles with weight, addiction, anxiety and physical pain through mindful coaching. Carrie is especially talented in working with groups. She will show you how to coach yourself. Carrie is a connector and motivator empowering people with the coaching tools and strategies applicable to improving business systems or families.
Location : San Diego, CA
Phone : (858) 997-8289

On Track Success Coaching
On Track Success Coaching is an award winning San Diego, California personal life, business, career and spiritual coaching company. If you want to change, improve or reinvent any part of your life, On Track Success Coaching will help you connect with your passion, increase your self-esteem, ignite your life and live your dreams!
Location : San Diego, CA
Phone : (858) 481-6757

Life Purpose Institute
The Life Purpose Institute is dedicated to people discovering their Life Purpose and creating a Life they Love. The Life Purpose Institute is committed to empowering and supporting individuals and groups to create joyful, meaningful, and fulfilling lives and careers. Our mission is also to train coaches throughout the world who hold this same vision. The Institute is dedicated to serving others by providing coaching, consulting and training. We believe each person is unique, special, and capable of achieving their Higher Purpose.
Location : San Diego, CA
Phone : (858) 484-3400

Sheri McGregor
San Diego life coach and author Sheri McGregor honors each individual for the unique music they bring --or perhaps long to bring--to the world. In confidential sessions, clients who have been so focused on achievement that they've lost touch with their authentic core are encouraged to regain work-life balance and reconnect with neglected values that were often the impetus to excel in the first place. Clients who have squished themselves into spaces they thought they must fit in order to attain success are reminded through enthusiasm and gentle confrontation of their strengths.
Location : San Diego, CA
Phone : (619) 507-6847

James William Parker
Motivating Change through: Executive & Life Coaching; Therapy, Psychotherapy, and Counseling; Seminars & Workshops; Motivational Speaking; Career Counseling; and Personality & Behavioral Assessments
Location : San Diego, CA
Phone : (858) 952-8196

John Boesky, M.A.
Being a therapist/coach is my passion. Therefore I always put forth my very best effort to ensure that my clients' experience of therapy/coaching is both rewarding and transformational. I work with men, women, couples, families, and adolescents. I consider my work to be an honor and a privilege, as I truly love the process of empowering those who are motivated to grow and to become the best they can be. I feel blessed each day with new opportunities to watch my clients blossom and grow before my very eyes.
Location : San Diego, CA
Phone : (619) 280-8099