Top Portland Life Coaches

The Spiral Garden
My name is Soren Sorensen and I am a spiritual healer, teacher, and life coach who is dedicated to helping people live the lives they were meant to live. Whether you are suffering, stuck, or simply lost, I can help you find your way to true happiness!
Location : Portland, OR
Phone : (503) 459-3852

On Purpose Living Center, LLC
On Purpose Living Center, LLC provides Life Coaching, Wellness Coaching, and On Purpose Coaching services to the Portland. I have been in private practice since 1994. I have supported the healing journey of hundreds of people using my unique blend of techniques that identify both strengths and dysfunctions in the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of a person's being. I love my work and am pleased to be of service in this way.
Location : Portland, OR
Phone : (503) 297-8805

Parent and Family Life Coaching
At Parent and Family Life Coaching; teens, young adults and parents will learn how to have greater success in your lives with both personal and professional relationships. You get to create the life you desire and you will look forward to going home. As a certified life coach, I provide individual coaching programs and training workshops to parents of teens. The support, tools and practices parents receive empowers them to build a stronger relationship with their teenager one of respect and understanding. Parents become stronger and more confident allowing them to create peace within their home. When a teenager recognizes and respects his or her unique differences he or she can be at peace and have healthy relationships with family and friends.
Location : Portland, OR
Phone : (503) 351-4750

Erick Rainey
Portland Life Coach Erick Rainey can help you make those changes you want, to help get your life back on course and heading in the direction you want it to go. Erick can support you in developing strategies to move your personal or professional life up to the next level. Using simple tools and processes you will be able to set a clear destination for yourself and 'enjoy the journey' too.
Location : Portland, OR
Phone : (503) 750-4573

Caitlin Williams, MFA, CPC
I am a Whole Person Design Life Coach coaching a broad range of topics. As a "Diet Survivor," however, my primary focus is on the process of Intuitive Eating (IE) and utilizes the works of Evelyn Tribole, M.S., R.D. & Elysch Resch, M.S., R.D. (authors of Intuitive Eating: A Recovery Book for the Chronic Dieter). I maintain the belief that permanent freedom from restrictive eating comes from tapping into our body's innate wisdom while nurturing a continued awareness of hunger and satiety cues, and I practice IE in my own life on a daily basis. SHiNE Coaching empowers realignment with Who You Really Are by teaching you vibrational self-mastery.
Location : Portland, OR
Phone : (503) 901-6597

Play Huge
I have helped hundreds of young people feel connected to their passion and talent, and figure out what steps will lead them to feel alive and confident. If you want to stop compromising on things that are important to you and begin taking charge of your life right now and into the future by Playing Huge, you are in the right place.
Location : Portland, OR
Phone : (503) 234-4843

Didi Zahariades
I’m Didi Zahariades the founder of Coach To Win. I am a Life Coach, Executive Coach, Psychotherapist, and Image Consultant; a combination which has brought success to my clients. My desire is to be the best for my clients. Determined to accomplish this, I elevated my business coaching to a new level by experiencing it through the educated eyes of a psychotherapist. As an Executive Coach, my clients receive the benefit of fulfilling their career goals, achieving their personal goals, and checking-in on their health while working with their own Life Coach.
Location : Portland, OR
Phone : (503) 230-0443

Life Tapestry Coaching
Whether you are an individual looking to make change in your life, or a CEO searching for answers to creating a better work place, Life Tapestry Coaching can help. My customized programs focus on your needs and goals, provide accountability and hasten the rewards of living the life you choose.
Location : Portland, OR
Phone : (503) 705-7799

Bruce Terrill
People have traveled from all over the globe to get life coaching from Bruce. His ability to help people goes beyond the standard Life Coaching.
Location : Portland, OR
Phone : (503) 267-1675

Michelle Sobel
Feeling unsure, stuck, stressed, or distressed can sabotage essential self care, hope, vitality, and our commitment to making necessary changes to enhance quality of life. If you are seeking caring, honest, and effective support--I would be honored to help you work through the challenges you face. I am a licensed therapist who offers collaborative counseling and coaching services that help you empower yourself. My approach is respectful, warm, understanding, nonjudgmental, and direct. I draw from effective evidenced-based clinical approaches. I work with a broad spectrum of clients from individuals seeking support to address depression and work/life transitions, to couples working through relationship challenges, to businesses looking to resolve workplace conflicts and to enhance teambuilding efforts.
Location : Portland, OR
Phone : (503) 250-4777

Discoveries in You Heart Life Coaching
My name is Joseph Talboom and I have over 3 decades of experience helping myself, letting others help me, and in turn helping others get through life's hard times. My story includes a Midwestern upbringing, a career at one of the Fortune 500's top 10 Corporations, all the way to the depths of addiction, living on the streets, and then becoming an inspired, productive member of society again, feeling happy naturally from the inside! From my own hard-won personal experience I am confident that together we can improve your life in the realms of: Fears, Self-Image, Relationships, Addictions, Living Skills, Wanting more Meaning and Motivation in your life, Medical challenges, Financial hardships, Death, Grief and more. I have a 2010 degree in Human Services from an accredited college, and many great personal references. Free 15 min discussion in person, skype video, or on the phone. Live face-to-face sessions can be almost anywhere you want in Oregon. My rates are flexible and very affordable.
Location : Ashland, OR
Phone : (541) 488-9327