Top Phoenix Life Coaches

Victor Encinas Coaching
Victor Encinas Coaching specializes in transforming lives. We offer hope to families and individuals drowning in debt. We unearth the innate strengths and abilities of individuals, and discover a vocation in which they will thrive. We offer small business owners the mentorship needed to spur growth. Your financial, vocational, or professional challenge represents an opportunity to change for the better.
Location : Phoenix, AZ
Phone : (602) 218-5490

Cheryl Ables
Cheryl Ables is a dynamic and enthusiastic business and life coach. Cheryl's passion and mission are to help others find massive success while becoming all they can possibly be. Balancing a big family and professional success is not an easy task, but Cheryl enjoys the challenge of teaching and coaching people on how to do exactly that while enjoying every step of the journey.
Location : Phoenix, AZ
Phone : (480) 363-6735

Counselors Associated, Inc.
At Counselors Associated, Inc., we are pleased and privileged to offer life coach and counseling services and products to assist you to design your life in ways that meet your needs. We have been providing professional counseling, sexuality therapy, hypnosis, and life coaching since 1971. At Counselors Associated, Inc., we are here to work WITH YOU to define what is meaningful in your life. We are here to help you to set up the steps to create JUST THAT!
Location : Phoenix, AZ
Phone : (602) 266-6662

Allison Cabral
Allison specializes in helping people achieve the ir maximum potential in every area of their lives. She coaches mothers, women and business owners one-on-one and in groups. With her strategic coaching, you are guaranteed to dramatically increase your efficiency, effectiveness, happiness and achieve your goals faster than doing it on your own.
Location : Phoenix, AZ
Phone : (602) 741-2809

Ada Porat
I work toward this goal by helping people move past all forms of limitation to access their innate personal truth and power, reclaiming their highest expression of being. The techniques used in my work incorporate best practices in integrative body/mind/spirit protocols to beyond the surface and to touch the inner core, resulting in profound shifts and lasting transformation. In my clinical and life coaching practice, I integrate body/mind/spirit healing techniques and transformational life coaching skills to facilitate balanced growth for clients. The techniques used in a typical session are orchestrated with finely tuned intuitive guidance to bring about profound change in a safe and supportive environment.
Location : Phoenix, AZ
Phone : (602) 283-4628

Steven Nissenbaum, MA, LPC
As a Licensed Professional Counselor, he has created a unique, distinctive concierge-style counseling and life coaching practice serving both the Phoenix and Scottsdale metropolitan areas. For more than two decades, he has specialized in working with individuals and couples consisting primarily of dynamic, successful professionals, corporate executives, physicians, attorneys, affluent men and women, and the specific needs of this particular clientele. Utilizing a creative, holistic, proactive, and adventurous style, Mr. Nissenbaum designs personalized counseling treatment plans and coaching programs for his clients. Through limiting the number of individuals and couples he works with at any given time, he is able to offer a greatly enhanced level of service to those clients accepted into his practice, such as increased appointment availability including weekends, increased length of sessions, secured and confidential email access, and in order to maintain absolute confidentiality and convenience, the option of scheduling appointments at a client's residence or office.
Location : Phoenix, AZ
Phone : (480) 367-2103

Dr. Judith Heckenlaible-Habig
Dr. Judith is dedicated to help each individual adapt and effectively deal with difficult times. She will help get your life back on track while improving quality of life. Perhaps you are depressed, confused, angry or lost. Maybe a drug or alcohol problem is hurting you or someone you love. Dealing with life sometimes can be overwhelming, especially if you feel like you are dealing with troubles alone. Dr. Judith wants to provide help that is the least disruptive to your life. The concerns for which persons may counsel with Dr. Judith are: • Marriage and Family • Life Coaching • Divorce • Grieving • Anxiety/ Depression • Sexual Problems • Physical and Sexual Abuse • Self-esteem issues • Addiction • Personal Issues • Crisis Intervention
Location : Phoenix, AZ
Phone : (602) 423-5458

Dynamic Pathways Wellness Center
Dynamic Pathways Wellness Center: integrating the healing arts of acupuncture, neuromuscular massage therapy, energetic bodywork and life coaching. We are centrally located at Third Street and Virgina for our Phoenix Metro community. Our providers are here to guide you toward greater health and wellness utilizing a therapy best suited for you.
Location : Phoenix, AZ
Phone : (602) 254-0071