Top Philadelphia Life Coaches

Path Seekers Life Coaching
Empowering women to find their path in life. We provide life coaching, career coaching, empowerment workshops, and seminars exclusively for Women. The Pathway Process™ Unique coaching system was developed to help women reach their highest potential.
Location : Philadelphia, PA
Phone : (215) 995-0100

321 Life Coach
I am a personal and professional life coach. I have been involved with self-help and personal improvement for over ten years. In addition to working with clients one-on-one, I lead empowering group classes, public speaking and presentations. I also have written numerous self improvement articles. I truly think that people deserve the best out of life and can reach any goal that they set for them self. My job as a life coach is to do one thing, and that is to help you be your personal best.
Location : Philadelphia, PA
Phone : (802) 279-0231

Sarah Shore Consulting
Sarah Shore Consulting guides individuals, groups, and organizations toward greater satisfaction, fulfillment, and achievement through the artful execution and delivery of coaching, consulting, and counseling services. Sarah Shore is an expert coach, therapist, and improvement consultant. Engaging, insightful, and forward-thinking, Sarah brings a dynamic depth of knowledge and expertise to her work with individuals, groups, and organizations.
Location : Philadelphia, PA
Phone : (215) 236-5353

Christine McGraw Life Coaching and Business Coaching
Christine McGraw Life Coaching and Business Coaching helps you get what you want out of life and guides you through the discovery process. We will work together to support you in making choices that inspire you and engage your ability to create a life that is in harmony with who you are. We will bring your awareness to what is already working well so you can expand those aspects of your life. We will also help you identify what is not working so that you can make the changes you want to make on multiple levels -- emotional, spiritual, physical, and mental in your business and professional life.
Location : Philadelphia, PA
Phone : (215) 225-4531

Orion's Light Healing Arts Collective
We take the time to get to know our clients as individuals, and offer treatment plans tailored to their unique needs. We have each been practicing in our respective fields for a number of years, and so are able to offer our clients the wisdom garnered from experience and a true commitment to the healing arts. We provide our clients with the tools, direction, and support to make real, substantial changes in their quality of life.
Location : Philadelphia, PA
Phone : (215) 438-4770