Top Omaha Life Coaches

Let's Just Walk, Life Coaching
Live your best life starting today! I'm Lisa Woodford, and I can help you get back on track. I provide strategies and perspective to help you go about accomplishing positive change. Most of my clients have great results after just one session. Transform your life and give each day new meaning! Contact me today.
Location : 3880 S 149th St, Omaha, NE 68144
Phone : (402) 915-2802

Adlerian Center
Here at Omaha's Adlerian Center, our licensed professional staff is designed to help the whole person. From addictions to mental health counseling; life and health coaching; couple or family counseling; massage and bodywork; or Reflexology and Energy Work, we are dedicated to bringing total wellness to Mind, Body and Spirit.
Location : Omaha, NE
Phone : (402) 334-3044

Dr. Georgia Bichekas
As your life coach, I will encourage, support, and speed your path of development. In your sessions we will work together to: *Discover what you may be missing in your current lifestyle and how to find it *Identify and remove the obstacles that prevent you from living your dreams. *Strengthen your resolve and ability to achieve your goals *Create external success and internal satisfaction and balance.
Location : Omaha, NE
Phone : (402) 393-4219

O'Rourke Personal & Executive Coaching
O'Rourke Personal & Executive Coaching is located in Omaha, Nebraska. Marie is a life coach who can help you in all aspects of life including family, career, business, relationships, living situations, academics, parenting and health. Let her empower you to get true joy in your life while pursuing dreams you never thought possible. Additionally, Marie specializes in: * Counseling * Life Coaching * Problem Solving * Strategic Planning * Professional Coaching * Motivational Training * Self Improvement Training
Location : Omaha, NE
Phone : (866) 969-8173