Top Mountain View Life Coaches

Leadership Development Institute
We have 20 years of experience designing and conducting goal-driven and results-oriented leadership coaching programs that help drive your organizational objectives. Our focus is on the acquisition of leadership skills and effective interpersonal leadership styles. We help managers and executives develop leadership skill sets through a customized program of one-on-one or two-on-one executive coaching. Our coaching engagements last an average of 9 months to give leaders an opportunity to embed the skills they have acquired. Jeff Lugerner and Karen Cooley bring a combined 30 years of leadership development training, executive coaching and business management experience to Leadership Development Institute. Their experience with both high level executives and high-powered teams uniquely positions LDI as a leading executive leadership development firm in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Location : 240 Pine Way Mountain View, CA 94041
Phone : (650) 703-8485

TheraVie Wellness
TheraVie Wellness is counseling, coaching, and consulting services focusing on Life-Satisfaction and Well-Being. TheraVie Wellness wants to help others uncover happiness and positivity in life through personal and professional empowerment in their own lives.
Location : 2672 Bayshore Pkwy #1045, Mountain View, CA 94043
Phone : (650) 223-5622

Rhian Daniel, PhD C
At Heal-Transition-Transform, we specialize in helping you answer these questions for personal and professional success, health and well-being, and assist you to overcome personal and professional issues that hinder your progress and growth.
Location : 692 W Dana St, Ste A, Mountain View, CA 94041
Phone : (650) 404-7032

The Enlightened Heart/Kavita Life Coach
The Enlightened Heart specializes in helping heart-centered/Highly Sensitive People live their purposeful lives. Kavita is a certified life transformational coach with a background in psychology, education, and business. She is on a mission to guide other heart-centered women find to find their voice, improve their self-worth, and feel comfortable in their own skin so they can attract abundant lives.
Location : Mountain View, CA
Phone : (650) 209-0797