Top Montreal Life Coaches

Anthony Aramouni Life Coaching
I work with highly motivated and intellectually curious people on different aspects of their lives. My focus is on giving them a space for honest and open dialogue, radical introspection, to learn psychological insights that allow them to get clarity over challenges and roadblocks, to deepen their understanding of their experiences, heighten their sense of awareness, and ultimately actualize their desired outcome. My approach is in large part influenced by Positive Psychology, Humanistic Psychology, Jungian Psychology, Existentialism, Constructivism, Integral Theory, and Zen Buddhism.
Location : 3406 Northcliffe Ave, Montreal, QC H4A3K7
Phone : (514) 815-9708

Leonard Coaching Inc.
Leonard Coaching offers Individual coaching for executives and managers, coaching teams in the workplace, and coaching career management.
Location : Montreal, QC
Phone : (514) 750-3567

Jacqueline Sinfield
Jacqueline Sinfield offers life coaching and ADHD coaching. She is also the author of Untapped Brilliance and How To Reach Your Full Potential As An Adult With Attention Deficit Disorder. All sessions are given at our Montreal office located in Notre-Dame-de-Grāce.
Location : Montreal, QC
Phone : (514) 482-7555

Montreal Coaching
They offfer life coaching and business coaching. All oral and written exchanges are strictly confidential. The Life & Business Coaching firm will not disclose any personal information to anyone unless disclosure is required by law. All computer data is strictly confidential and will be no trade.
Location : Montreal, QC
Phone : (514) 381-6363

ADHD Clinic of Montreal
A private clinic specializing in the evaluation and treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in adults, the target audience is aged 16 and over. The clinic aims to avant-garde and services offered assessment and treatment in a different form from what is currently offered in the Greater Montreal.
Location : Montreal, QC
Phone : (514) 800-8324

Julie Cusmariu
Julie Cusmariu is an Intuitive Consultant, Certified Life Coach and creator and host ofHeart Beat internet radio. She assists people in making exciting life changes, in bringing greater meaning into their lives and in living in alignment with their heart's desires.
Location : Montreal, QC
Phone : (514) 849-5761