Top Miami (and surrounding area) Life Coaches

LiveLoveLife Coach
Women's Coaching, Self-Esteem Coaching, Parents of Special Needs, Relationship Coaching, Transitions Coaching. Oftentimes, we will base our self-worth and self-esteem on the feedback we get from others. I will help you remember, rediscover and uncover what makes you unique, strong and valuable as individuals - to live not just for others but also for yourself. I will help you to "love the life you live"!
Location : Boca Raton, FL
Phone : (561) 213-1045

A Mustard Seed Consulting
Holistic Life Coach, Certified Hypnotist, Reiki Practitioner Motivational Speaker, Facilitator, Lecturer. Services offered: Stop Smoking, Weight Loss, Overcome Fears, End Procrastination, Improve Self Esteem, Stress Relief, Relieve Anxiety, Mind and Body Rejuvenation, and and so much more...
Location : Miami, FL
Phone : 305 (305) 2288

Michelle Miller
I have been involved with hypnosis/coaching for ten years. It seems natural to have evolved into this profession at this stage of my life. I have journeyed on my life's path far enough to feel I have a sufficient amount of wisdom, sensitivity and knowledge to share with my clients. My natural ability to be empathetic and supportive makes it comfortable to work with people of all ages and backgrounds. I guide my clients toward a better understanding of their experiences-both past and present. My goal is to help open the door to new possibilities. I provide an environment that is safe and comfortable. Together we discuss personal issues-life’s successes and disappointments.
Location : Miami, FL
Phone : (305) 571-9996

Circle of Life Counseling, Inc.
Circle of Life Counseling, Inc., is a multidisciplinary mental health treatment practice staffed by psychologists, therapists, licensed professional counselors, social workers and life coaches. Our specialties: * Childern and Families * Geriatric Counseling
Location : Miami, FL
Phone : (305) 764-1489

Janice Masters
Janice Masters is a spiritual life coach, author, and speaker who has worked with thousands of clients to enhance and improve their lives in remarkable ways. What sets her work apart is that not only has she enjoyed a career as a successful psychotherapist, writer and life coach for over three decades, but she has also been passionately engaged in her own spiritual seeking, deep healing, and transformation through all of her adult life with very rich rewards. Jan takes the best of what she has learned and used herself and bring it to her clients and students. She knows how to help others 'clean up' the energetic residue of the past, and then move into a more joyful, successful present and future quickly and effectively with her down-to-earth approach to deeply spiritual matters.
Location : Miami, FL
Phone : (305) 273-7736

Executive Health & Wealth Institute, Inc.
I Work with People and Companies that Want to Be Healthy while they Become Wealthy. Millions around the world are thinking, planning and scheming about how to stretch a 24 hour day into an endless and productive workday. Our one-on-one sessions and public seminars and corporate presentations offer real-life tips and strategies to help you thrive personally, professionally and as an organization during the full range of rough times to good times.
Location : Miami, FL
Phone : 305 762 7632