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My name is Joseph Talboom and I have over 3 decades of experience helping myself, letting others help me, and in turn helping others get through life's hard times. My story includes a Midwestern upbringing, a career at one of the Fortune 500's top 10 Corporations, all the way to the depths of addiction, living on the streets, and then becoming an inspired, productive member of society again, feeling happy naturally from the inside! From my own hard-won personal experience I am confident that together we can improve your life in the realms of: Fears, Self-Image, Relationships, Addictions, Living Skills, Wanting more Meaning and Motivation in your life, Medical challenges, Financial hardships, Death, Grief and more. I have a 2010 degree in Human Services from an accredited college, and many great personal references. Free 15 min discussion in person, skype video, or on the phone. Live face-to-face sessions can be almost anywhere you want in Oregon. My rates are flexible and very affordable.
Location : Medford, OR
Phone : (541) 488-9327