Top Marco Island Life Coaches

Feather-Light Living Enterprises
Our practitioners will help you take your already wonderful life and enhance it. It is all in you: your wonder, your truth, your love and caring and sharing, your peace of mind and your explosion into this world. Learning where the simple entry points are into your own beautiful soul will help unlock the areas where you might feel "stuck". Areas of positive direction include: Healthy Eating and Exercise, Improving Family Relationships, Relaxed Homeschooling and more. We really hope we can help and you can transcend where you are today. We can encourage you in many other areas due to the extensive, broad skills of our staff. These include: higher education consulting and direction for you and your family, natural healing practices such as raw foods, self-acupressure, herbal tinctures, stretching, homeopathic remedies and meditation, the "no-blame", "I words" philosophy to relationships. Note: Feather-Light Living is a practitioner at Center for Mind, Body and Spirit in St. Louis.
Location : Marco Island, FL
Phone : (573) 356-1727

Sue McDonald Life Coach
With over 16 years experience, my life unique coaching strategies allow me to be one of the premier life coaches in Southwest Florida. Professionally, I have functioned in both the role of therapist and coach. As a therapist, I operated as the expert. In my role as a life coach, you are the expert. I will help you discover what is preventing you from having the life you desire.
Location : 810 Anchor Rode Dr. Naples, FL 34103
Phone : (239) 821-0066