Top Louisville Life Coaches

Shellie Murphy, MCC
I am a Master Certified Life Coach with a background in Psychology. My goal as your Life Coach is to help you design your "dreamlife". Coaching is a partnership designed to motivate you or to simply help you get "unstuck". I work with individuals or couples and families. If you are going through any transition in life; such as.... the loss of a loved one, a divorce or break-up, a new career or retirement, or if your just feeling down coaching may be just what you need. I offer personal one on one face to face sessions with the goal of helping you achieve the life and happiness we all deserve.
Location : Louisville, KY
Phone : (502) 310-1951

New Path Life Coaching
Life Coaching is a partnership with someone who offers a new perspective and the ability to add clarity and meaning to your life experiences. I do not believe there is only one recipe which works for everyone. My goal is to help you discover the path that's uniquely yours and allows you to reach your highest potential. Intuition and awareness are important tools in my coaching practice. I offer personal face-to-face sessions.
Location : Louisville, KY
Phone : (502) 552-3776

Ideal Life
Coaching is a designed, interactive partnership that exists to support you and your life dreams and goals. As your coach, I work with you in an individualized way to identify what you want personally and professionally and provide a powerful channel for achieving the life you really want. Having the life you love starts with getting clarity around your values and personal purpose, which will then enable more meaningful choices and actions. From there, I guide you through many small, achievable steps to help make your intentions a reality.
Location : Louisville, KY
Phone : (502) 459-8565

Janie Behr
Janie is a life coach specializing in a wide variety of topics including: the Law of Abundance, Baby Boomers, Empty Nesters, Career Development or Change, Women and Finances, and Financial Changes. Janie works with her clients in many different venues to suit their busy lifestyles, offering both individual and group sessions. She meets via phone, email, or in person. She is also available to speak to your group or conference.
Location : Louisville, KY
Phone : (502) 648-5885

What we do: MBTI and DISC Personality Assessments, Business Consulting, Business Plans, Product Development, Family Mediation, Critical Incident Stress Debriefing,Grief Counseling, Individual Counseling, Pre-marital and Marital Education and Counseling, Parenting Education, Life Coaching, Women's Seminars & Retreats, and Image Consulting. CDM Resources Helps: Individuals, couples, families, and groups to understand themselves and each other in order to build lasting relationships
Location : Louisville, KY
Phone : (502) 614-5214

Laura M. Wagner, M.A.
The work I do focuses on helping my clients move forward in their lives. I do not necessarily treat or diagnose clients, nor will we necessarily unearth past issues or hurts in our sessions, unless you feel it connects to work you wish to do. I meet you where you are presently and help you design a path to get to where you want to be in life.
Location : Louisville, KY
Phone : (502) 851-4447

The Coaching Center at JFCS offers services to help individuals realize personal goals, advance careers, overcome challenges, gain valuable maturity and growth, or become a more effective parent. Coaching is not therapy, though it often uses similar techniques. Coaching is a more involved and pro-active relationship between a certified professional and a person who seeks an active mentor to help move one’s life or career forward. The Coaching Center provides: Life Coaching, Parent Coaching, Executive Coaching, and Career Coaching.
Location : Louisville, KY
Phone : (502) 452-6341

All About Families, PLLC
We are an organization aimed at serving the needs of families through counseling, consultation, developmental evaluation, coaching and education. Our Mission: To provide comprehensive services to families and children, including developmental therapy, talk therapy, counseling, life coaching, parent education, early childhood education groups and support groups.
Location : Louisville, KY
Phone : (502) 429-0876

Marrett Counseling Service
Marriage Counseling, Individual Psychotherapy, Family Therapy, and Life Coaching for Health, Recovery and Growth from Emotional, Mental, Spiritual, Relationship, Abuse, and Addiction Problems in Louisville, Ky - with a Christ-Centered Approach. I offer understanding and skilled effective counseling, psychotherapy, marital and family counselng at two locations in Louisville. Assisting individuals, couples, families and groups. My focus is on creating with you an opportunity and process for healing and change regarding your relational, psychological and spiritual pains, which may be contributing to various levels of anxiety, depression, or general dissatisfaction, dispair or impairment...either at home or that, you may live with effectiveness, contentment and serenity.
Location : Louisville, KY
Phone : (502) 376-0129