Top Los Angeles Life Coaches

Heart to Mind Life Coaching, LLC
Life Coach empowering individuals struggling with low self-esteem to develop confidence through acceptance to find their voice, discover the wisdom within to know that they matter, and the belief in themselves to live the life they want!
Location : 9107 Wilshire Blvd, Ste. 301 Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Phone : (818) 533-8408

Tobin Felfe
Together, we drive personal growth using objectives and goals, based on developing new skills to replace the behaviors that aren't working for you (insight and understanding will come with acquiring the new skills). When you come in with a goal (finding your career path, finding that right relationship etc...) I become your partner and direct you on how to attain those goals. I will also guide you on how to resolve specific situations that are troubling you, and our focus is giving you the skills to move through these situations on your own. We do this by taking a broad look at where you are facing challenges and where you want your life to go. Our goal will be for you to move smoothly through life and its struggles, with freedom and clarity, instead of defaulting to the usual defensive responses.
Location : Los Angeles, CA
Phone : (424) 254-8262

Stephanie Riseley
Author/Certified Hypnotherapist/Weight-Loss Specialist/Life Coach. Lose weight, stop smoking, control stress and get happier! Scientific research proves that if you can change your thinking, you can change your brain. And when you change your brain, you can change your destiny. To help you succeed I use: •Weight-Loss / Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy •Hypnosis •Cognitive Behavioral Therapy •Guided Imagery •Past Life Regressions
Location : Los Angeles, CA
Phone : (323) 933-4377

Susan Quinn, MA, MFT
A skilled practitioner of hypnotherapy, medical hypnosis and a Certified Life Coach, Susan Quinn uses the best possible therapy for the individual condition. Controlling anger issues indicates one kind of therapy, self esteem enhancement adds an additional therapy process, and relationship therapy takes a slightly different form. She can serve as your life coach or therapist. Some people just need someone to help them design their life and set goals on their own values and desires. When they have set their goals I coach them until they have met them.
Location : Los Angeles, CA
Phone : (310) 600-3458

Being in Flow
Coaching/Consulting is usually done on an hourly basis one to four times per month, depending on what is necessary. I respect that each person is an individual and has different needs. Services: Life Coaching, Spiritual Coaching, Group Coaching, and Consulting.
Location : Los Angeles, CA
Phone : (310) 445-8644

Healing Song
My mission: To help women through the difficult transitions in their lives by guiding them and helping them to find the song in their soul they were meant to sing. My goal for all of us is that we have a sense of what our unique gifts are, and are able to find a way to share these in a way that the world needs them. I help people to gain self knowledge which is the first step to leading a balanced and rewarding life.
Location : Los Angeles, CA
Phone : (323) 340-3990

Meredith Haberfeld
Meredith has successfully coached entrepreneurs, as well as senior executives at leading institutions such as Johns Hopkins University, Forbes, JP Morgan Chase, Credit Suisse, FuseTV and the World Health Organization. Business leaders doing executive coaching with Meredith have experienced measurable leaps in business results, satisfaction, productivity, wealth, and happiness. In addition, Meredith is acclaimed for her work as a life coach and personal coach working with individuals, couples, and families in designing and living extraordinary lives. Meredith has a special ability to build leaders, happiness, and deep, lasting satisfaction in life.
Location : Los Angeles, CA
Phone : (800) 347-0522

Kristine Castro
Kristine has dedicated her life to supporting others and being of service to people, as a life coach. She has a unique leadership quality that will guide you with love and compassion. Kristine is a registered yoga teacher and she incorporates her training as a yoga instructor to coach you mentally, physically, and emotionally.
Location : Los Angeles, CA
Phone : (323) 836-4001

Feroce Coaching
Feroce Coaching is unique not just because we allow you to have a choice of the best coach for you (in 2 free consultations), but because we will surround you with your own Personal Success Team. This is the Feroce Promise. As you grow and make progress, your goals often change. In some cases, so should your coach. Only Feroce encourages and allows you to make transitions from your regular Feroce coach to one or more sessions with a Feroce coach whose expertise might even better suit your challenge of the moment -- and then back again. You simply won’t find that promise, or that power for change, anywhere else.
Location : Los Angeles, CA
Phone : (503) 502-5030

Lisa Shield
As your life coach, Lisa creates a safe space where you can clarify your vision, connect to your passion, and live the life of your dreams. Drawing from her strong foundation of transformational work, her approach is heartfelt, goal-orientated and honors each individual and his or her unique process.
Location : Los Angeles, CA
Phone : (323) 939-1770

Axis Evolving
In my work I have always worked on helping people access, identify and connect with their own natural inner resources that are naturally in the human body. One’s inner resources help you move through life, coping with life’s stressors, adapting and strategizing in order to compensate for traumas both physical and emotional. Your inner resources help you to find your way when you are less comfortable than you would like to be.
Location : Los Angeles, CA
Phone : (310) 714-5222

Michael Blomsterberg
My coaching practice aptly combines my vast life experience with the tools that come with being a Master Certified Life Coach. The result is a large amount of knowledge, understanding, compassion, and insight. I've been there, and I understand. I empathize and walk beside my clients, giving them the dignity of their own journey. My coaching practice is not about doing, getting, or having. It's about being. While my clients do improve performance, enhance their quality of life, and claim their wholeness, I do not focus on the achievement of these goals. Rather, I emphasize a process of discovery, acceptance, appreciation, and most importantly, feeling. With access to all of our feelings we have choice, mobility, and a context in which achievement happens naturally.
Location : Los Angeles, CA
Phone : (323) 876.3334