Top Long Island Life Coaches

Striker Corbin
As a motivational speaker, certified hypnotist, and success coach, Striker Corbin focuses on personal development. Optimistic, passionate, motivated individuals enjoy each day and contribute to the direction, success, and ultimately the prosperity of their family and/or business. Mr. Corbin stimulates self-improvements through the use of humor, presentations, life coaching, and hypnosis.
Location : Hauppauge, Long Island
Phone : (866) 263-3879

Meredith Haberfeld
Meredith has successfully coached entrepreneurs, as well as senior executives at leading institutions such as Johns Hopkins University, Forbes, JP Morgan Chase, Credit Suisse, FuseTV and the World Health Organization. Business leaders doing executive coaching with Meredith have experienced measurable leaps in business results, satisfaction, productivity, wealth, and happiness. In addition, Meredith is acclaimed for her work as a life coach and personal coach working with individuals, couples, and families in designing and living extraordinary lives.
Location : Brooklyn, NY
Phone : (866) 599-6535

Life Coach Paige
I am a certified Life Purpose and Career Coach. I created my coaching business to help people, inspire people, and lead people toward a life filled with meaning and purpose. Services: Personal Life and/or Career Coaching, Group Coaching Sessions and Workshops, Self-Exploration and Discovery Session, Coaching Session for Clarity and Results, Women's Well-being and Life Balance Coaching, and Youth Career Counseling and Coaching.
Location : Blue Point, NY
Phone : (516) 458-8635

Clarity Life Coaching
At Clarity Life Coaching we believe that each person is a creative being capable of change, and designed uniquely for a divine plan and fulfilling purpose. At Clarity Life Coaching we commit to walk beside you in your unique season of life as you seek clarification and direction for leading a fulfilling, intentionally satisfying life. At Clarity Life Coaching we encourage and empower people to see life clearly as they ask powerful questions, seek satisfying answers, and knock on the doors of their dreams.
Location : Stony Brook, NY
Phone : (631) 751-5433

Life Changes Life Coaching
What we do is facilitate positive life changes. Together we work on assessing your problem or goals. We become very clear and concise as to the outcome desired.We then devise a plan together to facilitate the changes and life you seek. Generally we meet 3- 4 times a month.
Location : Pathogue, NY
Phone : (631) 730-1417

Branching Out Life Coaching
I am the fearless founder of Branching Out Life Coaching. I coach women who are ready to re-define, re-invent and re-lease the optimistic and dynamic person that the world has been waiting to embrace. With my coaching process, you will discover more enthusiasm to accomplish your goals and reach your dreams.
Location : Glen Head, NY
Phone : (516) 629-6838

The Institute for Coaching
We are a leading-edge personal transformation company supporting individuals and businesses in performing at their best. Our clients grow, are proud of their lives, are connected to meaning and purpose, and are fulfilled. The organizations we work with thrive. Our clients work with us to clearly articulate a vision for their life or company that is in line with their values, and goals. Once that vision is clear, our expert coaches provide the support, tools and structure to have that vision unfold.
Location : Brooklyn, NY
Phone : (800) 253-4580

The Life Coaching Group
Through coaching, I help people attain their desires and meet their needs by setting and achieving realistic goals so that their lives become more enjoyable and more enriched. It is a way for me to help each individual person create more peace, harmony, and satisfaction in the world.
Location : Tarrytown, NY
Phone : (914) 333-0443