Top Lexington Life Coaches

Fiona Young-Brown's Life Coaching for Women
Fiona Young-Brown is an accomplished author, editor and life coach. She is available for contract assignments.
Location : Lexington, KY
Phone : 859-227-2422

As your go-to place for Christian Life Coaching for women, we’re here to serve you. We invite you to come back often as we’re passionate about inspiring you to live a life of passion, balance, purpose, fulfillment, and significance.
Location : Lexington, KY
Phone : 859-514-3562

Forward First - Life and Relationship Coaching
In 20 years of helping others reach their goals, the most profound thing I have learned is that life is not about “finding” yourself…. It’s about creating yourself.
Location : Lexington, KY
Phone : 859-753-8505

The Hamon Group, LLC
have worked with all types of clients, young and old. Whatever is troubling you, if you want to make a change in your life, I’ll help you to figure it out through my coaching and therapy programs.
Location : Lexington, KY
Phone : 859-749-3440

Interfaith Counseling Center
Our professional counselors will help you sort through your feelings, heal from your hurts, and learn healthy ways of relating to people, coping with stress and dealing with difficult situations.
Location : Lexington, KY
Phone : 859-258-2060