Top Las Vegas Life Coaches

Lisa Ulshafer
Let Lisa guide you to a better life that is filled with meaning and purpose and the true happiness, freedom and abundance you so richly deserve! Lisa has always felt a true desire to help people and to make a difference in their lives. Nothing is more gratifying than to know that she has assisted someone in seeing their life and themselves more clearly so they can move forward in the life they were always meant to live and to realize the person they were always meant to be. As a Transformational Life Coach, Lisa assists others in releasing the negative emotions that have been keeping them bound to a life that is not in harmony with who they truly are as a human and spiritual being. She provides a safe nurturing environment to allow real transformation to happen in the lives of others, just as she has received through her own experience.
Location : Las Vegas, NV
Phone : (702) 254-7730

Nanci Biddle
I am a certified experienced professional life coach who has helped over 250 clients to understand where they were stuck and why; to find inner peace and move on with their lives. I provide a safe environment by blending the gentleness and laughter of a friend, the understanding and compassion of a confidant with the strength and intuition of a guide.
Location : Las Vegas, NV
Phone : (702) 521-7988