Top Kansas City Life Coaches

Inner Frontiers
My clients choose me because I'm a Certified Empowerment Life Coach with a gift for helping people create the life they want. I hold a certificate of Empowerment Life Coaching from the Empowerment Institute, based in upstate New York. Founders David Gershon and Gail Straub personally provided me with training and certification in Life Coaching, based on their world-renowned Empowerment Training Programs.
Location : Kansas City, MO
Phone : (816) 616-2593

Wisdom 4 Life Coaching, LLC
Wisdom 4 Life Coaching, LLC provides One-on-One Financial, Career & Life Coaching for the sole purpose to bring clarity to your situation by developing a clear plan of action to achieve excellence in your daily life. Our approach to coaching is simple and effective. We take pride in being Relationship-Driven because Personal One-on-One Coaching is just that - Personal. We strive to create a safe, comfortable, non-judgmental coaching environment where each client’s values, goals and passions can be protected and achieved.
Location : Kansas City, MO
Phone : (816) 841-4770

Inner Strength Quest
I've been a coach my entire life. My training as a counselor gave me a strong education and background to work with. I remember my first love was reality therapy. The basics of this theory are about facing the truth and then doing something about it, taking action. I call myself an Executive Life Coach. I coined this phrase not because it was something that no one else was doing but because it represents the way I view life and how I work with clients. I believe we are all our own CEOs of our lives.
Location : Kansas City, MO
Phone : (816) 885-2526

Diane Thompson
Diane Thompson is a professional coach whose mission is helping people achieve their personal and professional goals. Her expertise, experience, and intuition make her an ideal coach. Diane's focus is on balance and achievement in her clients' personal and professional relationships, providing the client an opportunity for a rich, fulfilling, balanced and joyful life. As a coach, Diane considers the whole person and takes a holistic approach in coaching you towards your most important life goals. Diane acts as a motivator, a trainer, and a confidant. She is knowledgeable in universal coaching skill sets to help clients set and achieve goals, remedy procrastination, manage fear, and address individual obstacles, so clients are free to pursue their ideal life and career. Diane is also a certified career coach.
Location : Kansas City, MO
Phone : (816) 569-0015