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Open Mind, Open Heart Spiritual Life Coachinging
I'm Chuck and I'm currently offering free spiritual life coaching sessions by donation. A spiritual coach is often called a life coach for spiritual people. Instead of focusing on external factors of your life, a spiritual coach focuses on the inner workings of your mind, body, and soul. A spiritual coach can help you learn that spirituality is often one of the best tools you can use to overcome life’s troubles. A spiritual coach will also show you how to break free of a lifetime’s worth of limitations and help you find joy and true peace. Most spiritual coaches will show you how you can begin to live a full and aware life.
Location : Houston, TX
Phone : (310) 954-7982

Patrick Wanis PhD
Australian Patrick Wanis, PhD is a renowned Celebrity Life Coach, Human Behavior & Relationship Expert, Clinical Hypnotherapist and author with extensive credits worldwide. He has coached various celebrities such as Hulk Hogan, consulted for major corporations, appeared on radio & television, and published books on human behavior, relationships, the mind, and personal development. More than five million people have read his books in English & Spanish. Wanis writes and speaks with passion, conviction and sincerity.
Location : Houston, TX
Phone : (713) 839-8015

321 Life Coach
I am a personal and professional life coach. I have been involved with self-help and personal improvement for over ten years. In addition to working with clients one-on-one, I lead empowering group classes, public speaking and presentations. I also have written numerous self improvement articles.
Location : Houston, TX
Phone : (802) 279-0231

Day Creative Life
The basic building blocks of my coaching practice are my values: * Integrity: treating clients with respect, honesty and forthrightness * Listening: really paying attention, really hearing, and recognizing clients’ strength, courage and humanity. * Connections: forging meaningful and caring relationships. * Creativity: fostering personal expression, love of learning, and excitement at the prospect of doing or trying something new. * Zest: finding joy in life, and gratitude for every new day and new possibility. If these values resonate with you, you’re the client I’d love to work with: Bring your agenda, your goals and your aspirations, and I’ll bring the tools and skills to help you achieve the results you want. It’s an energizing process!
Location : Houston, TX
Phone : (713) 664-1908

Donnie Day
As a coach, Donnie works with professionals, transitionals, entrepreneurs, artists and other creative types. She has been coaching professionally for six years and has received a total of 4 years of training for coaching, has done two supervised practicums and worked with a mentor coach for two years. Because of her background and her love of art, Donnie is a natural as a coach for artists and entrepreneurs. Donnie coaches individuals, couples and groups.
Location : Houston, TX
Phone : (832) 632-7477

Dr. Carolyn Clansy Miller
Coaching is a powerful support system that will help you reach your goals faster and more efficiently. My practice is a combination of life, ministry and business coaching. I use a strategic approach to empower you to move from where you are to where you desire to be. I will systematically guide you through a process that enables you to identify personal strengths and develop strategies that will bring your creativity, productivity and efficiency into the place where they flow most naturally. Simply put, as your coach, my job is to help you clarify your passions, realize your dreams, perform at your best, and succeed at higher levels than ever before.
Location : Houston, TX
Phone : (866) 514-2372