Top Hartford Life Coaches

Wells Consulting Services
I am a career and life coach, and I have worked with hundreds of individuals like you to achieve a lifestyle they had only dreamed about. My sincere empathy, supportive ear, and enthusiastic commitment to turn difficult times into opportunities for person
Location : Hartford, CT
Phone : 860-521-8422

Spiritual Healing
It is my intention to have every human being realize that they are simply here and already perfect as they are. This seeing brings a life of action, compassion, and peace.
Location : Hartford, CT
Phone : 860-523-1895

Bonny E. Slim, LMFT, LLC
Through 25 years of experience as a licensed marriage and family therapist, I have become fascinated with resiliency, strength and positive psychology; a growing field which focuses on what is "right" with us and the possibility of living with greater ene
Location : Hartford, CT
Phone : 860-231-1282

Acorn Therapeutic Massage and Intuitive Life Coaching
I am Psychic and I offer Intuitive Life Coaching as well as Energy Work and Therapeutic Massage. Intuitive life coaching and spiritual life coaching are both open to anyone in the continental United States.
Location : Hartford, CT
Phone : 860-521-3555