Top Halifax Life Coaches

Future Vibrations
Future Vibrations teaches you how to take charge of your life, and set your goals today that will make your life worth living. Through changing the way you think about your relationships, and taking responsibility for your own happiness, you can move forward into an extremely satisfying future, in anyway you can conceive.
Location : Halifax, NS
Phone : 902-431-7896

Organize Anything
A full service organizing agency dealing with the physical, emotional and educational aspects of the organizing process. We provide residential and corporate onsite consultation, project management, coaching and workshops to reduce stress, increase productivity and give clients an improved sense of control and well being.
Location : Halifax, NS
Phone : 902-233-1577

Andora International
Andora International is committed to providing professional and personal coaching services to help individuals and organizations achieve their career and life goals.
Location : Halifax, NS
Phone : 800-817-7211

Growing Beyond
Offers a unique blending of holistic approaches to counselling, life coaching, and overall healing through self awareness, perception, belief change and more...Presence, grounding and consciousness are foundational aspects of this work.
Location : Halifax, NS
Phone : 902-673-2214

Lara Morris
Lara Morris brings over 20 years of diverse experience and skills to her role as coach, facilitator, and trainer. Offering a solid reputation, an inquisitive spirit, and proven methods for helping motivate and inspire, Lara helps individuals, organizations, and workplaces make lasting change.
Location : Halifax, NS
Phone : 902 422 4096