Top Edmonton Life Coaches

Evan B. D' Silva
My mission as a personal Life Coach is to help individuals find inner peace, personal happiness and self-love. As your coach, I will help you find answers and clarity in your life by showing you how to tap into the unlimited potential that lays within you. Through simple and effective techniques which can be applied in your daily life, I will help you enrich and empower your life beyond words. I will provide you with practical ideas and tools on how you can attain personal happiness and well-being that will last you a lifetime.
Location : Edmonton, AB
Phone : (780) 469-4651

Well of Health Naturopathic Clinic
Services: * Acupuncture* Counselling and Life Coaching* Massage Therapy* Naturopathic Medicine* Reflexology* Reiki Therapy
Location : Edmonton, AB
Phone : (780) 989-9902

Spiritual Life Coach
My aim in coaching is to support you to create a bigger reality for yourself. With these broader perspectives, you will find clearer purpose and more meaning in your life. And these, in turn, will bring you greater health, freedom and joy. We do not understand the larger picture of life and how it works through us. That’s where I can help. I am ready to coach those who feel they are ready for a new level of self-realization.
Location : Edmonton, AB
Phone : (780) 462-2167

Real Connections
I assist you in surpasing those road blocks. We focus on your wants and give you the tools to support your wants and needs. Whether you are going through a divorce, you're divorced, you're single or you've never been married and you just don't know how to get there, then life coaching may be the answer. Life Coaching, for me, is having the courage to want more in life, but not necessarily having the tools to get there. It is my job to help you articulate your dreams, desires and aspirations. I will help you clarify your mission, purpose and goals and help you achieve your outcome.
Location : Edmonton, AB
Phone : (780) 453-1616

Stan Willson, Ph. D
Dr. Stan Willson has more than 30 years experience providing supports and assistance to his patients: * Individuals * Couples * Families * Assessment * Short-Term Counseling
Location : Edmonton, AB
Phone : (780) 434-5429

The Centre for Family & Health Psychology
The Centre is an association of independent Registered Psychologists. We are dedicated to providing confidential, professional and caring services to our clients and their families. We offer: * Comprehensive psychological services, including counselling and assessment * Therapy for children, adolescents and adults * Group therapy and customized workshops * Life Coaching.
Location : Edmonton, AB
Phone : (780) 421-1747