Top Durham Life Coaches

Carolyn Stevenson LCSW, Mdiv
I enjoy helping women and men of all ages, as well as adolescents, to develop new insights, make changes in their lives, and find happiness. I am experienced in working with clients to increase self-awareness, make good decisions, manage grief and suffering, respond to hardship, and create more fulfilling relationships.
Location : Durham, NC
Phone : 919.699.4933

Sara D Peach, MSW, LCSW
My goal is to offer you compassionate guidance for improving your life and achieving personal growth and greater self-esteem. My role is to be an accepting and nonjudgmental guide. As you are able to be more emotionally open, we can discover together what is authentic, joyful, and powerful inside you.
Location : Durham, NC
Phone : 919-471-6501

Transformational LIfe Coaching
If you've looked everywhere and still find yourself searching, and you're not even sure what you're searching for, it may be time for your search to end. It may be time you tried transformational life coaching and profound healing.
Location : Durham, NC
Phone : 843-271-6908