Top Denver Life Coaches

Creative Coaching with Vicky Baker
As your coach, I help you identify and make the changes you want by using the professional training I have as a teacher, a psychotherapist, a business owner and a Coach. For the last several years, I have directed my interest and skills into my coaching practice and enjoy doing individual coaching, group coaching and presentations to business and interest groups. I am a member of the Denver Coach Federation chapter of the International Coach Federation. I volunteer to coach non-profit organizations. I enjoy both telecoaching and face-to-face contact, and design my practice to meet a variety of both my own and my clients’ needs.
Location : Denver, CO
Phone : (303) 733-2835

Inner Sanctum
Lisa Guyman offers a variety of classes, services, inspirations and products. Lisa Guyman offers meditation classes and education on meditation (Primordial Sound Meditation classes, speeches), energy work (Reiki classes, Reiki treatments and EFT energy balancing sessions), life transformation work (hypnotherapy and spiritual life coaching), products for well-being (guided meditations, Reiki CDs, Isagenix 9 & 30 day Cleansing and Fat Burning System) and inspirations (Lisa's newsletter, book and audio recommendations & more).
Location : Denver, CO
Phone : (303) 861-2280

LifeBound coaching helps you unlock your own potential and talent by providing an encouraging and inspiring guide who asks questions and helps you explore the answers. Our mission is to train professionals who are serious about making major improvements in K-12 education through coaching, district seminars, parent sessions and teacher training. We help students, teachers, parents and administrators reach their full potential.
Location : Denver, CO
Phone : (877) 737-8510

Sue Torfin, MS
As Sue Torfin - Life Fulfillment Coach, I work with individuals, groups, and organizations to facilitate positive life change. My coaching style emphasizes your feelings of wholeness and success while helping you find a life that is more impassioned, balanced, spiritually-grounded and satisfying. Through our partnership, we aim to discover your unique brilliance.
Location : Denver, CO
Phone : (303) 455-5991

Because Life Is Short
Judy Schiller is a dynamic simplicity and life coach. She will coach you to a life of greater balance, love, interconnectedness, and, therefore, a life of greater simplicity. She offers her motivation, organization, and empowerment tools in a variety of formats: one-on-one coaching, couples coaching, group coaching, and seminars, to name a few.
Location : Denver, CO
Phone : (303) 477-2547

Ann Strong
Ann Strong, spiritual mentor coach, of Thriving Coaches, a One-world company, provides inspired coaching and mentoring programs and products to grow strong, profitable coaching businesses which beautifully support professional business, career and life coaches and their clients in building self confidence and fully expressing themselves and their strengths and gifts.
Location : Denver, CO
Phone : (303) 399-8737

Dee Marcotte
My practice includes individuals, couples and families; as well as business teams and managers. I am trained in a variety of techniques and am a trained Relational Life Coach and a Certified Enneagram Teacher. Although I bring years of experience (I started my practice in 1993) to the sessions, more importantly I bring my full attention to your issues and concerns.
Location : Denver, CO
Phone : (303) 829-6422