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Personal Life Coach Community Activist Author Public Speaker * If you are thinking about ways to improve yourself, OR you just need some coaching to get you motivated- I'd like to hear from you. Perhaps I can help guide you on your journey of Self-Actualization, as you work to reach your fullest potential in life.
Location : 407 Westminster Road Canterbury, CT 06331
Phone : (860) 556-9351

Alan Lidz, Ph.D.
Certified Life Strategies Coach
Location : 147 Bishop St., New Haven, CT 06511
Phone : (203) 915-3988

Dream Bigger Personal & Business Coaching
Hal Tweedy C.P.C. is a unique coach who will help you find your life's purpose and use it to create a unique and strong personal vision. He will help you: Discover new exciting goals and challenges. Get your marketing on track and produce results. Focus your creative energy like a laser beam. Develop your creativity and show you how to use art as metaphor to express who you really are. See what you have created with new perspectives. Finally eliminate behaviors that have prevented you from achieving all you’ve dreamed of. Create action plans within an overall strategy to improve your life and/or your business. Partner with a Certified Professional Coach and teacher that is incredibly intuitive and brings a powerful combination of life-changing tools, creative strategies, visual prowess and honed business skills.
Location : Danbury, CT
Phone : (203) 743-7722

New Steps Life Coaching
My mission is to help people flourish in all aspects of their lives. You can accomplish so much more with someone in your corner. I'll be there to brainstorm and plan with you, to increase your accountability, to challenge you when you're stuck and to help you through difficult decisions. If you're looking for a life coach, I'm honored to be considered. Here are a few examples of the life steps I've gone though which you may connect with: * Wife, mother, sibling, child, grandparent. * Business owner, educator, health care worker, adviser. * Conservationist, volunteer, humanitarian. * Photographer, dancer, crocheter, traveler, pet owner. * Mother of the groom, mother of the bride, mother of the college student. * Caregiver, Human Being and Friend!
Location : Shelton, CT
Phone : (203) 209-5462

Collaborative Coaching Services
Inspired Collaborative Coaching Services was founded by Connie Pappas in 2005. Connie dedicates herself to aiding and empowering people to flourish - to create and live a joyful, happy life. She advocates fluid, open communication and serves to enliven and honor each person's spirit - helping them to make extraordinary progress and live their dream. Connie is certified through New York University's Personal Coaching Program, and a member of The International Coach's Federation. Having been involved in coaching for more than 10 years, Connie works with men and women and is dedicated to facilitating professional and personal fulfillment.
Location : Westport, CT
Phone : (203) 227-1470

Dynamic Life Skills, Inc.
Dynamic Life Skills provides children and adolescents with high quality life-skills coaching services by improving life skills that are critical for real-world success! Dynamic Life Skills provides life skills coaching to children and young people of all abilities. We provide teaching and enhancement of social skills, self-esteem, attitude, decision making skills, study/organizational skills, manners, social etiquette and values.
Location : Stamford, CT
Phone : (203) 461-8833

Vital Life Center
VLC is a comprehensive wellness center offering yoga, meditation, massage, nutrition, and life coaching, all focused on encouraging individuals to live life founded in peace, happiness and vitality. Individuals are supported by an experienced and talented staff and are left with the ability to courageously explore their edges and appreciate life on a whole new level.
Location : Plainville, CT
Phone : (860) 479-0466

Look At Me Now - A Wellness Center
Alison R. Gottsegen is a certified life and career coach with a specialty in working with people going through life transitions. Alison brings a wisdom, knowledge base, and accessibility to her coaching that she gained during decades of helping people and working in the healthcare industry. She draws upon her conventional as well as progressive training, skill set, and work experience to help her clients create a more productive and fulfilled life and or to move through a life transition. Alison works with clients both one-on-one and in groups.
Location : West Haven, CT
Phone : (203) 933-2200

Conscious Choice Coaching
Conscious Choice Coaching is Norma Lahainer's private practice. She has 30 years of clinical experience as a psychotherapist and is a master practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Ericksonian Hypnosis. Conscious Choice Coaching helps individuals, families, groups and even helps people in the work environment with seminars.
Location : West Hartford, CT
Phone : (203) 314-4723