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The Mommy Coach - A Life Coach Just for Moms
Being a mom is a rewarding yet challenging experience, especially in our fast-paced times. Women are faced with the difficult task of trying to balance their many responsibilities as mother, partner, professional and primary homemaker with little outside support. Mommy coaching can help you: Rediscover creativity, passion and a sense of purpose, Get clear and decisive about the life choices you’re making as a parent and as a woman, Feel confidant about who you are. Stop comparing yourself to other mothers, Reprioritize your To-Do list to make time for the things that really matter like self-renewal and quality time with your family, Feel guilt-free about making yourself a priority, Find the support you need to stay sane and more.
Location : Charlotte, NC
Phone : (704) 975-2957

Gayle Bookout Christian Counseling/Life Coaching
I am a Board Certified Advanced Life Coach. I am a Food Psychology Coach and a Certified Wellness Coach (certified by the Spencer Institute). I am a Weight Loss Coach for Renew Natural Weight Loss Center. I am a Christian Counselor/Life Coach. I am Relationship Coach and an administrator of the PREPARE/ENRICH relationship inventory. I am a NC Licensed Professional Counselor with an MA in Counseling from Liberty University. I work with people on Life and Career Transitions, Weight Management / Emotional Overeating, Pre-Engagement / Premarital / Pre-Divorce / Relationship Coaching, Communication, Conflict Resolution, Stress Management, Organizational Skills and I also work with Affair Recovery / Prevention, Self-esteem issues, Depression, Grief and many other issues.
Location : Charlotte, NC
Phone : (704) 807-2234

Trauma Recovery Life Coaching
Has a past experience left you feeling like you cannot reach your full potential? Events such as a tragic accident, military combat, death of a close family member or friend, natural disaster, school violence and bullying, domestic violence and sexual abuse are all traumatic experiences that can cause stress and imbalance in your life. I help individuals who have experienced trauma feel empowered, connected, and find meaning in life. I will address each person with empathy and understanding as we take action steps towards a new you.
Location : Charlotte, NC
Phone : (704) 604-2297

Life Coach Twila
Family & Transition Coach: Retirement, Divorce, Unemployment, Loss of Loved One, Career Change, Grief, College Selection, Loss of Faith, Relationship Choices, Diet Issues, Leadership and Ministry.
Location : Charlotte, NC
Phone : (704) 747-1119

Peace by Piece Life Coaching
Peace by Piece Life Coaching is dedicated to guiding, supporting, motivating and challenging adults and students to reach their full potential and personal goals through self-discovery and inner peace. I am Coach Kate Kincaid, and I am committed to helping my clients create passion, joy and balance in their lives. I partner with my clients to help them establish exciting and attainable goals, encourage growth and inspire change. I am dedicated to helping my clients create the life they have always wanted by creating a pro-active environment that allows for the discovery of unhealthy thoughts and behaviors that are creating roadblocks to their success. Together my clients and I identify ways to replace their unhealthy behaviors and thoughts with those that are more positive, productive and effective.
Location : Charlotte, NC
Phone : (704) 464-4844

Mae Scott, BA Psy, CTACC
* As a Life Coach I will help each client work towards their life intentions * As a Life Coach I Will provide the best service possible.* As a Life Coach I will make each client feel valued and important.* As a Life Coach I will be professional* As a Life Coach I will be confidential. I am dedicated to serving your needs, and my goal is your growth. I strive to bring you the best in quality service.
Location : Charlotte, NC
Phone : (704) 575-7739

Inner Purpose
Here at Inner Purpose, I work with groups, businesses and individuals to help empower and motivate you to take control of your life, health and business. Having what you want and deserve in life doesn't have to be a struggle!
Location : Charlotte, NC
Phone : (704) 622-3575

Coaching Works
Coaching Works offers the following coaching services, specifically tailored to meet your needs and achieve your goals. They include: Life Coaching, Emotional Coaching, Entrepreneurial Coaching, Business Coaching, Executive Coaching, Organizational Coaching, and Public Speaking Coaching.
Location : Charlotte, NC
Phone : (704) 731-5670

Life Kneads, Inc.
Life Kneads, Inc. was started in 2004 with this mission in mind: to make a positive difference, to help individuals with their life needs, and to improve quality of life through massage, education, and awareness. Our services: * Personalized Massage Therapy* Heated Stone Massage* Mud Body Wraps* Postural Therapy Massage* Reiki * Hot Packs* Chair Massage* Warm Paraffin Dip for Hands* Life Coaching* Hypnotherapy
Location : Charlotte, NC
Phone : (704) 564-2055

Michael Kahn, LPC, JD
Michael is a Life Coach and Licensed Professional Counselor. He has been working with individual adults and teenagers since 1994. Areas of focus in psychotherapy include anxiety, depression, grief/loss, life transition, career, anger management, men's issues, and hypnosis. Michael facilitates groups and workshops on the above and other topics including a Reel to Real program that uses movies to facilitate personal and professional change.
Location : Charlotte, NC
Phone : (704) 962-8023

M. Patricia Hogan, Ph.D.
My theoretical orientation is primarily cognitive-behavioral. Cognitive-behavioral therapy focuses on how our thoughts and beliefs affect the way we feel and how we act. I believe strongly in the ability of people to change their lives in positive ways. I also believe that the first step in making change is accepting yourself and your feelings. Rather than judging yourself harshly and trying to deny or push away your feelings, that energy could be better used to believe in yourself and in your ability to improve your life. AREAS OF FOCUS: Anxiety/stress management, Depression, Empty nest , Grief and loss, Life transitions, Life coaching/wellness, Parents of gay/lesbian youth, Women’s Issues, Relationship problems, and Consultations and group presentations.
Location : Charlotte, NC
Phone : (704) 442-0035