Top Calgary Life Coaches

Calgary Life Coach - Russ Small
Russ Small is an Imagination Trainer and Certified Subconscious Restructuring Coach operating full-time as a Calgary Life Coach and serving clients world-wide since 2007.
Location : Calgary, AB
Phone : (403) 668-4616

Executive edge
CEOs use the services of Executive Coaches. We believe that fitness and your mental attitude are tightly connected. Imagine how much more productive and successful you would be with Your own Life or Fitness Coach? The Executive Edge has Calgary's ONLY Certified Lifestyle Fitness Coach!
Location : Calgary, AB
Phone : (403) 246-7386

Silverhammer Coaching Services
Silverhammer Coaching Services is dedicated to continuous self-reflection, learning, and growth in order to consistently provide meaningful, high-value experiences to its clients. We are committed to helping individuals and teams capitalize on their strengths, visualize their preferred futures, and exceed their own expectations in work and life.
Location : Calgary, AB
Phone : (403) 640-2787

A Tool-kit for Life
Our mission is to teach Life Coaching by bringing the tools of Emotional Fitness to everyone. That’s why we have developed the most empowering and easily learned set of processes available today. Created and tested over a period of 25 years by our founder and president Warren Redman, Emotional Fitness is now offered to individuals, teams and organizations.
Location : Calgary, AB
Phone : (506) 351-0645

Cheryl Swan
Sessions involve a variety of healing, educational and experiential modalities, including spirituality and energy work, holistic bodywork, and life coaching specializing in sexuality and relationships.
Location : Calgary, AB
Phone : (403) 614-5526

Dr. Howard (Tim) Hall
Dr. Hall offers you his Life Enhancement Program™ developed through his many years experience as a mental health therapist, hypnotherapist and life coach in both the United States and Canada. He also brings a wealth of clinical experience to your fingertips through dozens of examples, exercises and other practical applications that he designed through the combination of his vast knowledge and innovative ability.
Location : Calgary, AB
Phone : (403) 289-2651

BodyMind Nutrition Center
The BodyMind Nutrition Center is dedicated to providing services to support your total body and mind transformation. From nutrition, personal training, and personal life coaching to on and off site massage, we are truly looking forward to helping you discover a new level of health, fitness and well being.
Location : Calgary, AB
Phone : (403) 538-0153

Grant has developed a coaching practice in Calgary called Vitalize Inc., where he brings more energy to life through his unique philosophy of effortless exercise.
Location : Calgary, AB
Phone : (403) 242-3765