Top Boston Life Coaches

Your Boston-based alternative to traditional life coaching or therapy, Claritywork returns you to your best life coach of all: you.
Location : Boston, MA
Phone : (617) 522-2737

Kimberly Pratt, MSW, LICSW
Rather than viewing symptoms, distressing emotions, relationship conflicts, etc. simply as “problems,” I see these as the pathway toward greater personal growth and freedom. I provide psychotherapy and coaching services in Boston that help individuals move beyond perceived limitations to reach their fullest potential.
Location : Boston, MA
Phone : (617) 933-9946

Simple Effects
As a life coach, I offer the same personalized approach and innovation to empower you to live in harmony with your life values, pursue your dreams, and achieve your God-given potential.
Location : Boston, MA
Phone : (617) 784-0707

Life Spring Coaching
Life Spring Coaching Enriches You at Every Crossroad in Your Life’s Journey From Young Adulthood to Beyond Retirement.
Location : Boston, MA
Phone : (617) 731-6170

Karen Schneiderman Ph.D.- Life Coach
Is a professionally trained life coach, living in Boston. She counsels on personal, family, professional, workplace and other life issues. Her practice includes face-to-face, telephone and online coaching. She received her Ph.D. in Women's Studies and served as a teacher and college advisor/counselor for twenty years at Lesley, Northeastern and the University of Massachusetts at Boston.
Location : Boston, MA
Phone : (617) 524-5352