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Authentic You
We seek to create deep sustainable changes in behavior that facilitate a more authentic experience of life. As the counselor, I act as a sounding board and guide for exploration. Using tools from my own experience and training to facilitate an honest and
Location : Bellevue, WA
Phone : 206-794-2717

Relationships Literacy & Life Coaching
My services are based on the belief that my customers' relationships are of the utmost importance. I have always been committed to meeting my clients' needs. As a result, a high percentage of my business comes to me from word of mouth referrals and repea
Location : Bellevue, WA
Phone : 425-998-6432

Love Life Be You
Fall in love with yourself and everything (yes, everything) else will fall into place. Give yourself, and the world, the gift of you. Connect with your true self. Live a life of wonder... experiencing, embracing and enjoying.
Location : Bellevue, WA
Phone : 206-499-0501

Birth Your Dreams
With effective life coaching, counseling, and hypnosis services you are listened to deeply, supported, and empowered to reach your goals; while you discover, create, and nurture a life you love to life. You can make your dreams come true.
Location : Bellevue, WA
Phone : 425-827-9498