Top Atlanta Area Life Coaches

Maureen Nolan, LPC, NCC, MACC - Attention Coach
I focus my clients on the modern distractions that derail your best intentions at work, at home, and in play. Clients are in an intentional state of change when we work together and are looking for a new way to achieve their goals. Together we identify accountability patterns, time management skills, and general daily challenges. My clients gain new perspectives and attitudes towards their goals, skills, strengths and individual motivation. Maureen is a lifespan coaching specialist and a licensed therapist with fourteen years experience in ADHD-related challenges. Come for coaching and be complete with therapy for the emotions of organization challenges. I work with individuals, couples, students, families, and with parents of challenging children. Let's get started. Call Maureen today for a complete service.
Location : Atlanta, GA
Phone : (404) 713-0488

Paul O'Connor, MCC
My approach is to get clarity around your goals, determine the strategies to get you there, keep you accountable to your plan of action. My areas of specialty: ADD / ADHD Coaching for Business Professionals, Career Coaching, Coaching for Entrepreneurs, Small Business wners and Professionals, Executive Coaching, Coaching For Highly Creative Types
Location : Atlanta, GA
Phone : (404) 377-4712

Intown Coaching & Counseling
We are in the business of growing lives. Growing careers. Growing relationships. Creating new emotions. Accomplishing new goals. Designing new ways to live your life! From Atlanta, we reach out across country to make Intown Coaching & Counseling available in your neighborhood by confidential phone appointment.
Location : Atlanta, GA
Phone : (404) 897-1766

Ridgway Coaching
Ridgway coaching is dedicated to the philosophy that all individuals are creative, resourceful, and whole and wish to live a fulfilled and balanced life. Coaching supports individuals ages twelve (12) through adult in the following areas: * Turning dreams into realistic goals * Planning strategically to meet goals * Gaining a sense of direction and control in their lives * Recognizing and managing obstacles including academic, social, and attention issues * Exploring and discovering a deeper understanding of self * Taking action to experience the joy of maximizing potential to realize success * Helping individuals who have ADD/ADHD/LD understand the diagnosis and separate it from who they are * Providing external support and encouragement for those who have difficulty with executive function issues. Ridgway coaching provides the following life coaching services. Each service is tailored to fit the individual needs of the client. Individual Coaching - Group Coaching - Homework Coaching.
Location : Atlanta, GA
Phone : (404) 351-0510

Euphoric Coaching
Coach Janese empowers her clients with the understanding, knowledge, skills, and tools that it takes to become high achievers too – and to accomplish all they want to, no matter what it is! In this world of boundless opportunities, Coach Janese empowers her students with the tools necessary to not only join her ranks among the world’s high achievers, but also to realistically establish themselves at the personal apexes of their potential. Our Mission is to Inspire, Enlighten, and Empower every woman and man to take bold action of confidence, security and certainty within themselves to BE who they truly say they are and to live a life of passionate purpose.
Location : Atlanta, GA
Phone : (404) 569-5264

ExecPointe, LLC
ExecPointe, LLC is a management consulting, coaching, training and facilitation company that focuses on performance improvement strategies for individuals and small to medium businesses. We provide organizational and individual development services with innovative solutions, integrating assessment tools, specialized design modules and established best practices aimed at achieving your goals.
Location : Atlanta, GA
Phone : (404) 414-8022

Diversified Coaching Solutions
Diversified Coaching Solutions offers life coaching in the areas of personal, career and business to help our clients achieve their greatest dreams. The first step to creating and reaching almost any personal or professional goal is to begin favoring action over procrastination! We work with clients in all areas of the State of Georgia to identify their highest-value opportunities, address their most critical challenges, and transform their businesses. Our customized approach combines deep insight into the dynamics of companies and markets with close collaboration at all levels of the client organization. This ensures that our clients achieve sustainable competitive advantage, build more capable organizations, and secure lasting results.
Location : Atlanta, GA
Phone : (678) 528-3186

Deeper Life Solutions
We are here to assist you with your mental health needs. Our board certified psychiatrists and licensed psychotherapists have excellent skills along with years of personal and clinical experience to provide you with professional mental health care within the Metro Atlanta area. So, whether you are struggling with relationship problems, depression, anxiety, alcohol/drug addiction, job-related stress, bipolar disorder, parenting issues, or you are needing to re-invent your life, we have the right therapeutic Wellness & Recovery services available for you!
Location : Atlanta, GA
Phone : (770) 837-8137

Callahan McDonough, LCSW
I have been collaborating with men and women for twenty years to help them create lives they love, including achieving gratifying relationships and reaching their life goals. Our coaching sessions focus on letting go of habits and patterns that block growth and success and a shift to taking productive daily action.
Location : Atlanta, GA
Phone : (404) 593-7370